Who is a Backend Developer?

Consider a fancy restaurant; the light, the ambience, the aesthetics, the poise of the waiters and bartenders, and of course. . . the food. All of that beauty is seen the moment you walk into the office. 

The frontend developer is saddled with the responsibility of making this fancy restaurant as aesthetically pleasing as it can be.

Though the environment looks pleasing to the eyes, the main objective of walking into a restaurant is to get a meal. The backend developer is the techie saddled with the responsibility of making the meal as tasty as it can be.

While the frontend developer handles the user side of the web application, the backend developer handles the server side of the web application. 

Job Description

  • Must have the ability to analyze, 

Key Requirements

  • Responsible for the server side of the web application logic and also responsible for implementing the frontend of the web application.
  • Responsible for building high quality reusable codes that can be renewed in the future.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting and debugging applications. 

Must Have Skills

  • Data migration and transfer
  • Excellent understanding of SQL 
  • Good understanding of OWASP principles and code version tools. 
  • Good knowledge of backend programming languages such as Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, Javascript, etc. 

Who Does a Backend Developer Work With?

  • The frontend developer
  • The user interface and experience designer
  • The product manager

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