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Empower Yourself: Acquire In-Demand Tech Expertise for Lucrative Job Opportunity and Work-Life Flexibility.

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Why choose Us:

Why choose Us:

Empower Your Journey

Gain the skills that empower you to excel in the tech sector and enjoy work on your terms.

High-Value Skills

Master the technologies shaping the future, making you a sought-after asset in the job market.

Flexibility Redefined

Embrace the freedom of remote work, freelance opportunities, and flexible schedules within the tech industry.

Career Advancement

Unlock doors to promotions, higher earning potential, and positions of influence

What you’ll gain


A 3-4 months facilitator led intensive class that’ll allow you to learn from industry professionals while you collaborate and network with other students on tasks and group works from anywhere in the world.


A 3-6 month hands-on experience where you’ll work alongside industry professionals, gaining practical skills and insights. Collaborate with peers on real-world projects.


Sometimes, the journey is clearer with someone who has walked the path before you. Our mentorship program pairs you with experienced guides who provide personalized support.


Successful graduates join our tech workforce pool and talent community, offering lifelong access to valuable career connections and peers, enhancing your growth in the tech industry.

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Transforming Africa One Tech Talent Per Time

"TalentDev's structure involving her T.I.M.E model is one of its kind and I'm glad I signed up to start my tech journey with her."
Product Design
"Learning with TalentDev was a challenging yet exciting experience."
Product Manangement
"I wish I encountered TalentDev few years ago but I'm glad it's not late cause they taught me beyond what I expected."
Frontend Development
"It was awesome..the course was handled thoroughly and it was a rewarding experience."
Data Analytics
"It's been a truly exceptional experience, as the training is not only highly practical but also incredibly immersive."
Data Science
"Awesome! The timing, the facilitator and the class session has been smooth and rewarding."
Product Management
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Answers to some of your questions

The prerequisites or requirements for enrolling in our tech training programs are having a laptop, time and access to the internet.

Upon successful completion of the training program and at least 3 months of internship,you will receive a certification. This certification validates your skills and knowledge gained during the program and can be a valuable asset when applying for jobs or advancing your career.

 Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced professionals in the tech industry. They possess the necessary expertise and knowledge to effectively teach and guide you through the training programs.

Yes, you will have access to the training materials and resources even after completing the program. We provide ongoing access to the learning materials to support continued learning and reference.

We offer live online classes such that everyone can have access to classes irrespective of where you are.

materials to support continued learning and reference.

We provide you with access to internship, mentors and networking opportunities to help you secure employment or advance in your career.

Yes, we offer hands-on projects and opportunities to gain real-world experience during our training programs. These practical exercises and projects help reinforce the concepts learned and provide valuable experience applicable to the industry.